Sunday, 31 December 2017

Goodbye 2017 ,Blog News And Top 10 Projects Of 2017

                                                                                      Hi all

I will be leaving the Rick St Dennis EDT and the Airless Chambers Challenge Blog is closing in January. Rick has decided to take his brand in a new direction which will be explained in due course.

I will be designing with Bloobel Stamps in 2018. It is a large groups so i won't be making monthly posts but as and when a new image is available.

It has nearly been a year since this blog has launched and i want to keep it going into 2018. The idea is to post once a month but it depends on how busy i get over on the main blog.

Now i will share my best dark makes of 2017

No 1 Occult in a box
No need to phone an exorcist everything is under control!!

No 2 Giger Tribute ATC Set with Ikes Art
in space no one can hear you scream

No 3 Altered Halloween Bird House
Those are no weeds

No 4 Sugar Skull Mixed Media Tag
This one turned out better than expected

No 5  Sugar Skull Hanging

Using DecoArt Metallic Lustres and pure luck

No 6  Skulls and Flowers

No 7
The Mermaids Disney Didn't want you to see

No 8 Dare to be different

No 9  Octopus Time
No this isn't Japaneses tentacle porn and no i can't explain that either

No 10 
Shadow Man with Googly Eyes Tag

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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Sin City Stamps Quick Makes Dribonez ATC

Hi all

I have a quick make for Sin City stamps  using the new DriBonez srt by Rick St Dennis.

Product list
ATC Blanck Die
White Card

                  Start off by spritzing a few blank ATCS with blue inks and leave to dry.
           Once dry apply a stencil mask with green texture paste and leave it to set.

Stamp out the bones stamps on to white card and color in.
 These were colored in using inks

Add some words to the ATCS

Crete different designs by layering up different stencils

For this ATC i used the grungy background stamps to create a pattern.

The skulls were colored in using sepia ink which gave them an old feel.

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Friday, 1 September 2017

Learn To Create These Amazing Mermaid ATCS

Hi all

I have a new set of ATCs to share made using the new  Mermaid stamps by Rick St Dennis 


There is a monthly challenge starting on the 1st of the month.

I used distress crayons and pastels to create the backgrounds. I just used water to blend the colours like a water colour paint. I then just coloured in each image and cut them out.

I used a stencil mask with black modeling paste on hte background and then used scraps of matching paper to build the layers up with 3D foam tape.

i used blue and purple watercolour pastels and used a water pen to blend the colours.

The sentiments are cut from white card using a die cutter.

I used bright colours on this one and used a stencil with DecoArt Texture Paint. 

I used Brusho Powder on cheese cloth and spritzed with water to spread the ink.

I finished off with enamel dots

I used a texture stamp over the background and then used a stencil mask with black modeling paste. I used a Polaroid frame in the center and then placed the image over the top.

I used more realistic colours for this one and i wanted her to have trendy hair.

I used a stencil and texture stamp on the background and then i used paper scraps for the layers.

I spritzed the webbed trim with water and used Sea Green Brusho powder over the top to dye it..

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Monday, 31 July 2017

The Return Of Airless Chamber And The Amazing Aquaria

                                          Hi all
The Airless Chamber Challenge blog is back starting this month and i would love to see all your dark makes linked up, I made this card using the new Aquaria image and isn't she beautiful. You can find her on Zibbit Here is the link to the challenge

Saturday, 17 June 2017

IKE's Art Giger Tribute ATCs

Hi all

As you are probably aware i am a huge Aliens fan, so i wanted to create something that was a bit reminiscent af H. G Giger the artists behind the original Aliens movies. I used the Giger Tribute stamp from IKE's Art and took it from there.

I am playing along with 

I painted a ATC blank with black acrylic paint and used the Short Circuit stencil with modeling paste to create the background.

I then cut up a plastic skeleton and painted it with white gesso and then with black paint. I dry brushed silver metallic paint over the embossed areas and bones.

I used a mould to create the face and facehugger. I used modeling paste in a skeleton hand mold let it set over 24 hrs and then i cut the middle finger off and glued it to the back to make the tail before painting it all in flesh and gluing it to the face.

I used the spine part of the Giger Tribute stamp.

The next ATC was created by painting Texture Sand Paste over the ATC first and then painting it black once dry. I  then added a stencil to a section of the background and painted over the top with silver paint which gave it a weird gooey look.

The creature was created out of air hardening clay and i panted the face with a paint mix of bale blue and pale grey. I just experimented with the amount until i got this deathly pale look. I used clay to create the spine like hair and added a skeletal hand over the face to compete the look. I painted the whole thing black and then rubbed Silver Spark Metallic lustre over the top.

For this ATC i used twxture sand paste on the base and then drywall tape, Painted it all in black and the applied the  Snakes Web stencil over the top and painted it black. I then added the short circuit stencil to one section of the ATC and dry brushed the whole base with Silver Spark Metallic Lustre.

I coloured in the Giger Tribute stamp and cut it up and placed the main body in  the corner of the ATC. The Arms i made using paper clay and i just rolled out some long thin sausages. The hand are the skeleton hands which i attached to the appendages and painted black. The Face was made with a mold and painted with a blue and grey paint mixture.